Kontakt A-ZONE

Kontakt A-ZONE

Contact: Team A-ZONE (9:00AM -- 18:00PM; Monday -- Friday; GMT+8)

Tel: +86-0755-2376-3206

E-Mail: cs@azonecctvstore.com

To solve your problem faster, Please offer us your Amazon order number first and describle your questions.
You can contact our sales/customer service rep directly with one of following ways: 

For US market:
AHD System, contact Tina: service@azone-tech.com   WhatsAPP: Tina: +86-186-6404-9921
POE System, contact Aries: aries@azonecctvstore.com  WhatsAPP: Aries: +86-131-8702-4966
WiFi System, contact Melissa: melissa@azonecctvstore.com  WhatsAPP: Melissa: +86-138-2356-4721
TVI System/Alarm contact Rita: rita@azonecctvstore.com    WhatsAPP: Rita: +86-134-2391-2636
PTZ Camera, contact Flora: flora@azonecctvstore.com   WhatsAPP: Flora: +86-188-1943-0778

For JP market (Japanese):
AHD/WiFi System, contact Jessie: service-jp@azone-tech.com    
POE System, contact Hana: hana@azonecctvstore.com
Alarm System, contact Selly: alarm@azone-tech.com

For EU market:
AHD/WiFi System, contact Flora:service-eu@azone-tech.com   WhatsAPP: Flora: +86-188-1943-0778
POE System, contact Molly: service-eu@azonecctvstore.com    WhatsAPP: Molly: +86-135-5479-6659

Our customer service APP (English/Chinese) is online now (as of 20/11/2017) :
For iOS device, please search: "TL-CS" at APP store.
For Android device, please click here to download and install.

Add: 2F,Section A,No.3 Eastern,Shangxue Industrial Park Longgang district ,Shenzhen China 518000. 

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Kontakt A-ZONE
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